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Did you know a leading IT research company has identified projects with fundamentals of "Least Privilege" in its "Top Ten Security Projects for 2018"? Those projects ranked #1 and #4.

Are you aware one of the central premises of Least Privilege is to eliminate Users being Local Administrators and still being able to perform all tasks required by the company.

According to Microsoft, following this best practice, thwarts 80% of all malware because they require the privileges of an Administrator.

Most IT managers are reluctant to pull the trigger on Least Privilege because they think their users will run into too many roadblocks and rebel.

Not being able to trust everyone in the world is an unfortunate reality. We all live with it every day. Hence you have policies and systems to provide a secure environment. It’s exhausting. Too many resources are required to fight the good fight.

At Least Solutions we have ten years of Least Privilege experience. We have lived through the mistakes common to least privilege implementation and know how to quickly get a correct fit solution that aligns with your environment and business objectives.

To Assist you we start with an assessment of your technology stack and risk tolerance. With that information, we guide you through determining a "Best Fit" Least Privilege solution.

After assisting you in determining the best fit solution, Least Solutions can provide project management and resources for a Proof of Concept that rolls into a configured solution, in production, documented, with your staff trained.

You can eliminate Users being Local Administrators while keeping them happy!


- The learning curve of going it alone.

- User's resistance caused by missteps.

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